Build highly engaged teams and great company culture.

Our culture survey chatbot takes data from existing employees to produce an accurate report on your company culture at desk level. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete.
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Using We Love Work during the hiring process resulted in better quality hires and an increase in employee retention across 12 months.

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For Hiring

Screen high quality candidates faster and reduce the time it takes to fill vacancies. We Love Work's culture fit score predicts candidates who are the best fit for your organisational culture.

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Culture Audit

Reduce churn and improve performance and orgranisational commitment.
- Assess cultural trends across your teams
- Benchmark top performing employees
- Identify leadership potential

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Build the culture you want. Measure your existing culture and use our insights and analytics tool to drive culture change.
- Identify culture gaps
- Culture audit and mapping
- Mergers and acquisitions


Looking for a job?

Find a company you will love to work for. Take our

values assessment to find your perfect match.


How it works

The difference between a good hire and an amazing hire is finding a candidate that truly fits your company culture.

We Love Work is a data driven hiring platform which predicts candidates who are the best fit for your company culture in two easy steps.

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Our 15 minute Culture assessment creates a culture profile for your company or team.

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Use data insights on your culture to build high performing teams and reduce churn.

We can integrate with your existing software

Drive business growth and transformation

Values based assessment has been proven to be the most effective way of assessing cultural fit.

We can help your organisation in the following ways.

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Reduce Employee Turnover

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Increase employee engagement

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Fill vacancies faster

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Bench mark best performers

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Hire the best people

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Transform your culture

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About us

Making the world of work a better place.

We Love Work was founded by a team of Technologists , Occupational Psychologists and Recruiters who after ten years in the industry decided to build an online platform that would help their clients solve the problem of culture mismatch in the workplace

We Love Work provides companies with data on their desk culture which can help them make better hiring decisions and improve employee engagement

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The science

How does it work?

Our assessments are based on the empirically tested psychological theories of basic human values and organisational culture. We assess both the candidate values and company culture and provide you with data on how well a potential employee will fit.

Research indicates that assessing the degree of shared values is the most effective way of determining cultural fit.

When companies hire employees who are the right cultural fit they experience higher levels of employee engagement and increased job satisfaction. Employees are more productive and are less likely to leave.

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We Love Work can predict whether applicants will be the right fit for your company culture increasing employee retention and saving you thousands in recruitment costs and the cost of replacing a bad hire.

Check out We Love Work simple pricing options


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